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Computer Crashed

2010-02-14 22:38:20 by Rebel2sociaty

So now, two weeks later, we finally got a new one! The switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 is pretty weird, but I hope to get used to it in the next couple of weeks and to possibly get some of my old files back from the old computer.


Quarter ended yesterday!

2009-11-08 02:01:52 by Rebel2sociaty

And as for my grades, they're not as bad as they were on 10/23. This time I only failed two classes & I don't need to repeat in summer school; Yay!


Oh no...

2009-10-23 22:39:26 by Rebel2sociaty

I'm failing five classes & the end of the quarter is 11/6, by then it will be too late to turn in any missing assignments. Long story short, I have nine days to turn in 18 missing assignments in order to pass 1st quarter. Does anybody have a Colt .45 they could send over my way? I'm gonna need it when Monday rolls around...

Contemplating life in the state that it's in,


Learners Permit

2009-07-09 22:07:10 by Rebel2sociaty

Today I went to take my learners permit test and I got 12 out of 21 questions right. Even though I failed, I feel like I've made some progress by taking it & now I'll study the drivers manual some more, see if I can pass it the 2nd time.

Wish me luck,


Summer Break!

2009-06-10 22:45:00 by Rebel2sociaty

Sorry it's been a while, it's just that I've been kind of busy for the past two months. Mostly because my cousin came over here from Colorado & I'm trying to convince my family to go to Portland for this years trip (because Portland is an awesome city)

Just hanging out,



2009-04-26 23:21:43 by Rebel2sociaty

Sorry I haven't been on Newgrounds lately, it's because I came down with a really bad fever & I couldn't do much of anything for the whole five-day period. It really sucks because I missed four days of school & I'm probably going to have to do so much homework that it'll take forever to catch up.

Hoping I don't need to do a lot of homework,


New Theme

2009-04-07 22:41:45 by Rebel2sociaty

Tomorrow is Superhero day & I think I'll just tape a piece of paper to my chest that says "Procrastinator Dude". Also, I walked home today & my legs hurt like hell & my head is throbbing. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Yaaay......ugggh.



School Spirit Week

2009-04-05 19:40:29 by Rebel2sociaty

Spirit Week starts tomorrow and the first theme is Animal Day, where you basically dress like an animal (or a mammal for you scientific people out there*). The only thing I hate though is that I have gym the same day and we have to play basketball, which I'm bad at. Oh well, at least I have internet.

Staring off into space,


(*If there are any)

"Knowing" The Movie

2009-04-04 01:38:47 by Rebel2sociaty

It was a great movie, it made me ponder about the tediousness & the pointlessness in life. I'm not emo & I'm not going to kill myself, but it just makes you think about everything in life. It's like saying your name over and over and find out that it means nothing, just another unknown person in a crowd. All in all, the movie's just heavy, not physically but mentally and emotionally.

Not an emo,


Quarter's Almost Over

2009-04-03 00:11:58 by Rebel2sociaty

And I think I'm passing most of my classes (except science) & hopefully I'll do a little better when the next one comes around.

Hoping for decent grades,